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At One Performance Institute, our team of physiotherapists are your primary care providers. They specialize in the diagnosis and management of your injury, while also prioritizing the enhancement of your athletic performance. 

With a deep understanding of biomechanics and sport-related demand, they are equipped to address a wide variety of issues including (but not limited to) muscular injury, ligament sprain, tendinopathies, joint pathology, and movement dysfunctions.

The One Performance physiotherapy team is composed of highly skilled practitioners with extensive experience and knowledge in sport therapy and musculoskeletal medicine.

Many of our team members have attained remarkable achievements in their careers, having worked with various sports on national and pro-levels. 

Our physiotherapists look forward to supporting you on your journey.

Treatment Options

Manual Therapy

Effective hands-on approaches applied to diagnose and treat targeted body areas. This encompasses joint techniques (mobilization/manipulation) and various soft tissue approaches.

Rehab Exercise

Exercise is medicine! We customize your exercise program to address key objectives: pain-relief, mobility, tissue resilience, motor control, and fatigue resistance. 

Post-Op Management

The period following surgery can be intimidating and painful. We’re committed to easing your worries. Our early interventions lay the groundwork for your triumphant return to activity. 

Dry Needling / Acupuncture

Our certified providers apply fine needles to treat myofascial pain syndromes, chronic pain disorders, and as an adjunct therapy in your injury recovery.

Concussion Management

We approach head injuries with care and diligence through early recognition and rehab. We adapt your recovery and return by addressing the specific  phenotype of dysfunction that is presented.

Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR)

BFR is a popular technique employed in our rehab programs. The tourniquet system serves to restrict blood flow, which allows you to achieve muscle hypertrophy while avoiding heavy loading on joints.

On-Field Therapy

Returning to sport requires a systematic progression of loading to match the intense physical demands of your sport. Our indoor turf zone is the perfect place for our therapists to provide an on-field rehab program specially catered to your needs.

Rehab Pathways

Highlighted by our mainstay program for ACL injured athletes – we provide grouped services to improve accessibility of rehabilitation while also improving outcomes.

Your First Visits

Your physiotherapy session begins with a detailed history, musculoskeletal examination, and biomechanical analysis to formulate an individualized rehabilitation plan aligned with your goals.

During the journey of recovery, our physiotherapists use a combination of exercise programming, manual therapy, and education to rehabilitate your injury and maximize your performance.

We frequently implement new technologies designed to provide precise measurements of forces, velocities, limb symmetry and movement strategies.
This information is used to guide your rehabilitation progress and optimize your performance as you return to sport.

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Our Physiotherapists​
Erik Torchia
Ryan Murray
Steve Mah
Michael Foster
Nazz Russo
Chris Franks
Mr. Chris Spring
Justin Mazzei
Olivia Baldassare
Jolie Wong

YES! Though we have expertise in the management of elite athletes through injury to performance – we welcome all motivated clients who have a goal they are working towards! This is your access to care that often only professional sporting organizations receive!

YES, and following examinations we will provide specific individualized care. Our allied health team has extensive education and experience in the assessment, rehabilitation, and management of many injuries, conditions, and diseases.

YES! A select group of our physiotherapy team are seeing new ICBC cases, though currently we do not provide direct billing for this service.

We may all bring something different to the table –  but what we each bring is our A-game! Our team at One Performance has a vast array of experience and knowledge. We recommend you take a moment to visit our TEAMS page to review our bios to learn more about who your best match may be, but there is no wrong choice!