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What is Chiropractic Care

Our chiropractors have a progressive approach to pain and injury through evidence-informed practice.

We use a combination of manual therapy and soft tissue techniques, rehabilitative exercise, and patient education to manage your short-term symptoms. All the while, we create a long-term outlook with your goals, activities, and lifestyle in mind to get you back to doing what you love without pain or limitations.

One of the common myths of chiropractic is that they only benefit back pain patients; those days are behind us, with a huge range of injuries and conditions that your chiropractor can help you live and move better with.

Furthermore, your sports chiro has been specifically trained in all things athletics, whether that be sports injury treatment, exercise rehab, biomechanical evaluation, or emergency management.

Chiropractic Services

Rehab Exercise

Active patients necessitate active rehab! Your chiro will individualize a program for both short-term corrective work, as well as progress you through a long-term protocol to get you back to your best.

Patient Education

We strive to deliver clear explanations for your pain mechanisms, and provide guidance for the best way to move forward with your care. We want you to be an empowered participant in your own recovery.

Manual Therapy

Hands-on techniques is a great tool in getting through our first step; managing pain and dysfunction. This includes techniques like Active Release Technique (ART) or instrument-assisted work such as Graston.

Joint Manipulation

Mobilizing a joint in an area with reduced active range of motion or increased stiffness can aid with alleviating pain and improving mobility, helping us move with less discomfort during exercise following treatment.

Your First Visit

We want to know all about you! Your first session will include a detailed history, background, and what your goals are moving forward.

It not only allows us to find why you’re experiencing the pain or irritation you are, but also gives us a better sense of anything else from your past injuries or health history that could be contributing to it.

After we assess you through a full physical exam, we will build a treatment plan involving education, relevant manual therapy, and a progressive exercise program.

Our Chiropractor​s
Sport Chiropractor
Felix Lascelles-Palys


YES! Though we have expertise in the management of elite athletes through injury to performance – we welcome all motivated clients who have a goal they are working towards! This is your access to care that often only professional sporting organizations receive!

YES, and following examinations we will provide specific individualized care. Our allied health team has extensive education and experience in the assessment, rehabilitation, and management of many injuries, conditions, and diseases. At One Performance, we strive to provide best care principles.

Yes – a sports chiro has gone through sport-specific additional training, either through a program like a Sports Medicine Master’s degree, or such as the RCCSSC sports science fellowship as a post-doctorate (or all of the above!). Sports chiros have also been exposed to many hours of multiple sports as a practitioner, allowing them to be comfortable with all sorts of injuries and how to return an athlete to their sport properly. Because of that, sports chiro visits usually involve a lot more in-depth work on the exercise prescription side than what a typical chiro visit would, helping you return to sport and reducing future injury risk in the process.

That being said, the extra skills we have can only benefit every type of patient we see – whether you’re a high-level athlete, someone who’s never played a sport in their life, and everyone in between!

Is chiro safe?

Absolutely! For any kind of practitioner in the rehab world, including chiropractors, a thorough medical history should be taken to ensure a patient has no reasons for why any sort of treatment modality could be counter-productive for them. While “traditional” chiro involves a lot of back cracking, chiropractors actually have a huge scope of practice that they can treat with, and are most effective when many options are used!

Our chiro service is longer than the average chiro visit since we value that scope of practice; manual therapy, soft tissue work, patient education, and exercise prescription can all be included in your visits with our sports chiro. If you’re uncomfortable with any of those, we have other options! A mark of a good practitioner is to be able to adapt to each individual patient’s needs and preferences.

YES! Our chiropractors are seeing new ICBC cases, though currently we do not provide direct billing for this service.

We all bring something different to the table –  but what we each bring is our A-game! Our team at One Performance has a vast array of experience and knowledge. We recommend you take a moment to visit our TEAMS page to review our bios to learn more about who your best match may be, but there is no wrong choice!