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Massage Therapy

One Performance’s Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) can support your athletic recovery, regeneration, and relaxation.

Whether you are recovering from an orthopaedic surgery, managing a chronic condition holding you back from your sporting activity, or feeling sore from a long training cycle leading into an upcoming competition – you are in good hands.

Pain management, enhanced mobility, muscle relaxation, and stress reduction can be facilitated through the manual techniques provided by our team of RMTs.

Elevate your game with our One Performance Massage Therapists!

Massage Therapy Services

Deep Tissue Pressure

You can train and work hard all you want, but there needs to be a balance introduced with relaxation and recovery. Progress occurs when balance between the two is achieved…like Yin and Yang.

Instrument-Assisted Massage

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) provides practitioners precise control over breadth, depth, and direction of soft tissue mobilization – providing a more targeted treatment.

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)

Using traction and stretching techniques in a variety of dynamic movement patterns can help address limitations in mobility at the fascia, muscle and joints.

Your First Visit
After gathering your medical history taking and a focused objective assessment – our One Performance RMT will collaborate with you to determine which  treatment techniques may be best suited to your needs.
Depending on the area of the body which will be treated, your RMT will inquire on your level of comfort in removing your clothing to visualize and access this region. During this time your RMT will leave the room, and knock before re-entering.
Rest assured, our RMTs are proficient in delivering treatment through clothing should you not feel comfortable with disrobing.
Following treatment, the RMT will provide additional recommendations that will aid in your recovery.
Our Registered Massage Therapists
Massage Therapist
Kevin Dinh
Massage Therapist
Veronica Toy
Massage Therapist
Yvonne Lu


YES! Though we have expertise in the management of elite athletes through injury to performance – we welcome all motivated clients who have a goal they are working towards! This is your access to care that often only professional sporting organizations receive!

YES, and following examinations we will provide specific individualized care. Our allied health team has extensive education and experience in the assessment, rehabilitation, and management of many injuries, conditions, and diseases. At One Performance, we strive to provide best care principles.

YES! Our massage therapists are seeing new ICBC cases, though currently we do not provide direct billing for this service.

We may all bring something different to the table –  but what we each bring is our A-game! Our team at One Performance has a vast array of experience and knowledge. We recommend you take a moment to visit our TEAMS page to review our bios to learn more about who your best match may be, but there is no wrong choice!