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Ready to level up your off-season?

We are excited to announce that we are accepting applications for our spring and summer off-season hockey development programs.

At One Performance Institute we share your passion for the love of hockey.

The name symbolizes our unified approach — one team, one goal.

Rooted in the belief that we are stronger together; our team dedicates themselves to unlocking your full potential standing as your partner in the pursuit of excellence.

If you are looking to take the next step in your hockey career, we will help you reach your goals!

Hockey Off-Season Program

Designed to balance movement quality with modern strength and conditioning principles.
Why choose us?

The goal is simple – make you a stronger, faster, and more efficient athlete.

Proven results – Our hockey specific training program will significantly improve your on-ice performance.

We focus on active recovery and injury prevention to support a successful next season.

What makes us different?

We individualize the experience from start to finish.

Each athlete will begin with an initial movement screen and performance testing.

Testing is integrated into training sessions and results are monitored throughout the program to ensure progress is being tracked consistently.

If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing.

Spring and Summer Training Options

Spring Program: May 6 – June 28  //  Summer Program: July 2 – Aug 23rd

Program Design

Here is what each 8-week program entails:

• VALD Performance testing to assist with individualized programming
• Movement screen by our sports physio*
• Customized programming specifically designed for guaranteed results
• Small groups with personalized attention to movement quality and technique
• Regular force plate testing and readiness monitoring throughout the program
• Integrated therapy and priority booking (physio, massage, chiro) 
• Nutrition and mental performance seminars 
• Recovery room access to Normatec pumps and Game Ready
• Access to on-site shooting area before and after training sessions  

*Physio screen is an additional cost for Pro and Junior groups. Receipts will be provided and can be submitted to extended health insurance for coverage


NHL, AHL, Europe
4 days a week
90-minute session 


BCHL, WHL, College
4 days a week
75-minute session


Bantam, Midget
4 days a week
60-minute session

• Price per week is based on commitment to the 8 week spring or summer program.
• Extra Speed, Agility, and Conditioning sessions are offered on Fridays
= $50


Applications now open

• 5% off for pre-pay and commitment to full spring or summer program
• Get an additional 5% off when you refer another player
• Create your own group (4 athletes minimum) All receive 10% off

Athlete Testimonials

Brenden Dillon, NHL

“Matt is someone I have the utmost respect for. The attention to detail and the work ethic to get to know every one of his athletes’ strengths and weaknesses is something I really appreciate. There’s a reason my on ice and off ice performance has taken another step since I’ve started working with Holtzy! The environment he creates in his gym is something us athletes look forward to every day full of hard work but lots of laughs. Can’t thank him enough!”  

“I’ve been working with Ryan for the past 10 years. From our first session together, he made it clear it was his top priority to build up my body’s foundation and habits to keep me healthy and performing at a high level. His welcoming demeanor along with the work ethic he puts into his craft are what makes him the best! He always gives me the utmost time and effort to get me to my best. There is no one I trust more with my body and maintaining high level performance than Murr. Whether it’s an injury or just a body maintenance “oil change” he is a fantastic Physiotherapist”.

Parker Wotherspoon, NHL  

I started working with Ryan and Matt over 3 years ago, and I’m happy to say that the program has really pushed me to be prepared for professional Hockey.  With Ryan focusing on the back-end of performance by monitoring my recovery, mobility and general wear and tear, along with Holtzy taking care of the front end of performance emphasizing my athletic strengths, but also focusing on the attributes I needed have in order to excel and achieve my goals at the NHL level; it’s really been game-changing.
I can’t recommend this program enough and look forward to seeing the boys in the summer”.

Shea Theodore, NHL 

“Hands down the best in the business.

Every single time I see him he is first class and professional. Ryan has helped me through numerous injuries with detailed plans on how to treat, build strength, and preventative measures moving forward.

I wouldn’t be the athlete that I am today without his help!”

Our Team

Matt Holtzmann
Performance Coach

With nearly 20 years of experience working with high performance athletes of varying backgrounds, Matt brings a unique combi- nation of skills to his training sessions.

With a particular interest in working with grassroots and professional hockey players, Matt is a specialist in sports performance, rehabilitation, and multi-directional sports with a focus on strength, power, speed and of course, “mindset”.

Ryan Murray
Sports Physiotherapist

Ryan has been a physiotherapist and a certified strength and conditioning specialist for over 15 years.

He enjoys working with all levels of athletes to develop sport specific exercises to mitigate injury and maximize performance.

Ryan has an interest in working with numerous professional athletes from the NHL to the NBA with a specific focus on return to sport training.

Damian Herft
Performance Coach

Damian has been working with hockey off-season programs for over 5 years with players ranging from the bantam level to the NHL level.

He brings a youthful energy to this program and enjoys challenging players to have a better understanding of relating their dryland training to their on-ice performance.

His approach to strength and conditioning is well-rounded, making sure athletes understand foundational movement principles before layering levels of complexity to improve their athletic attributes in all categories.