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At our institute, Kinesiologists play a vital role in the support team – helping bridge the gap from a traditional rehab setting to the dynamic environment of the gym training floor.

Here, athletes engage in strength work, conditioning, agility, speed training – anything and everything to ensure a seamless progression to sport. 

Leveraging their knowledge of human movement, our kinesiology team work to improve functional abilities in alignment with your goals.

Combining movement analysis techniques and advanced technologies, our kinesiologies harness data-driven insights to further facilitate your achievement of full potential.

Kinesiology Services

Active Rehab (A/R)

A specific rehabilitation treatment plan designed by your rehab team of physiotherapists and chiropractors, with key outcomes and goals discussed, while driven by specific testing and interventions from your Physiotherapist and facilitated by your Kinesiologist.

Private 1:1 Kinesiology

Train 1-on-1 and experience a program designed for you.  With our Kinesiology team, One Performance Institute can transition you from rehab to performance with touchpoints along the way with your rehab team or sports team.  Maximizing our One team approach, we can help you achieve your rehabilitation or performance goals.


Braeden Allemann
Damian Herft
Matt Holtzmann
Stephanie Jamieson
Ella McEwen
Nathan Brown
Melissa Dahn


YES! Though we have expertise in the management of elite athletes through injury to performance – we welcome all motivated clients who have a goal they are working towards! This is your access to care that often only professional sporting organizations receive!

YES, and following examinations we will provide specific individualized care. Our allied health team has extensive education and experience in the assessment, rehabilitation, and management of many injuries, conditions, and diseases. At One Performance, we strive to provide best care principles.

YES! Our kinesiologists are seeing new ICBC cases, though currently we do not provide direct billing for this service.

We may all bring something different to the table –  but what we each bring is our A-game! Our team at One Performance has a vast array of experience and knowledge. We recommend you take a moment to visit our TEAMS page to review our bios to learn more about who your best match may be, but there is no wrong choice!