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Yvonne Lu

Yvonne Lu

Registered Massage Therapist



To live fully as if we’ll die tomorrow and to learn as if we’ll live forever has always been my life motto, guiding my career as a clinical manual therapist.

After battling systemic lupus erythematosus, a life-threatening disease, I delved into fitness and health. I became passionate about tennis, strength training, and various martial arts, while simultaneously embarking on a 3 year career as a fitness trainer. The discovery of the Functional Movement System and Myofascial Meridians created a new learning curve for me as a Registered Massage Therapist, dealing with clients facing musculoskeletal injuries, postural issues, and post-surgeries.

During my time as an RMT student, I volunteered in the HIV community, senior homes, women’s hospitals, and events like crossfit, cycling, and dragon boat races. As a licensed RMT, I have explored different communities, ethics, and cultures by working in various regions of our city – in both clinical and spa settings. Each body represents a unique moment of dysfunction, prompting a call for functioning. The more cases I encounter, the more challenges and puzzles intrigue me. Consequently, I delved into osteopathy, natural medicine, and science, aiming to restore mobility to systems facing dysfunction or restriction in the human organism.

Currently, I’m a student at Vancouver Osteopathy School, concurrently pursuing studies in Human Kinetics at Langara College. My goal is to further assist patients in their rehabilitation and optimize their functional goals. Before entering the fitness and health field, I worked as an independent media artist, specializing in film/video production. In future years, I aspire to produce educational videos for both students and professionals, emphasizing natural medicine and the significance of movement.