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Stephanie Jamieson

Stephanie Jamieson



Meet Steph, a Kinesiologist and Masters of Counseling Psychology candidate, integrating expertise in diverse disciplines such as pelvic floor dynamics, sports performance training, and sport/injury psychology. With a background as a professional ballet dancer and extensive training in performance disciplines like distance running, Steph offers a unique perspective on holistic well-being. She tailors her approach to individual needs, committed to guiding you on a personalized path toward optimal health and vitality.

In the realm of education, Steph holds credentials as a Registered Kinesiologist (B.Kin) and is pursuing a degree in Counseling Psychology (MACP). Her areas of focus include pelvic floor dynamics, women’s health, chronic pain management, strength/resistance training, and injury rehabilitation.

Steph’s performance training experience encompasses various fields, from dance (former professional ballet dancer) and distance running/trail running to gymnastics, bodybuilding, and softball.

Her approaches and techniques include functional strength & mobility training, collaborative long-term development, functional movement screening (FMS), fascial movement taping (FMT), somatic nervous system up/down-regulation, and training programs adjusted for hormonal cycles (menstrual).

Embracing an integrative kinesiology approach, Steph acknowledges a fundamental truth: in life, we often cling to things that no longer serve us. Understanding the impact of these strong emotional and physical bonds, she’s aware of the intense discomfort that can arise when attempting to move away from specific situations or habits. Steph offers support and aims to work with individuals willing to invest time and effort to overcome life’s struggles and thrive. She has a particular interest in supporting clients addressing systemic inflammation, managing mental health challenges (ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, OCD), or dealing with gastro-intestinal health concerns.