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Sports Science

What you see, is not all you get – how you move is only part the picture.

With the technology we utilize, we can measure the forces, their velocities, and timing. These further provide clarity on an athlete’s explosiveness, reactivity, fatigue and others..

Your One Performance team of rehab and performance specialists will implement customized customized sport science testing specific to your entry:

• Baseline/pre-season performance markers
• Post-injury recovery KPI
• In-season athlete monitoring

We’ve got your number!


VALD ForceDecks

• Designed for both upper and lower extremity
• Jump testing (CMJ, etc.)
• Measurement of both rehab and performance metrics

VALD ForceFrame

• Isometric strength testing 
• Designed for both upper and lower extremity
• Testing and training options


• Handheld device for ROM and strength
• In-line and compression sensitive
• Real-time training feedback

Additional Tech

• Speed gates for horizontal force and velocity profiling
• Liner positional transducers for velocity-based training information.