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Justin Mazzei

Justin Mazzei



Justin grew up in the Tri-cities of British Columbia and enjoyed an upbringing that revolved around community and sport. He realized from a young age he wanted to turn the things he loves most into a career and that is exactly what he set out to do. He went on to study Kinesiology – Exercise Science at the University of the Fraser Valley and from there traveled to Australia to complete a Masters in Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland. Before returning home he stayed and worked across Australia and continued his education from experts in his field.

Justin believes in Long Term Athlete Development, Health Promotion and that Exercise is Medicine. Providing education to the public, reducing the risk of injury and bridging the gap between injury management + pain and Return to Sport + Play is what he does best. He says “ the recipe for success in rehabilitation is a strong therapist-patient relationship that thrives on communication + education, pain management via manual therapy and activity modification as well as providing individualized exercise prescription through a proper assessment.

Justin enjoys working with people of all walks of life as long as they are committed to reaching their goals. Particularly his heart lies with soccer and still identifies with the sport. With age though he is expanding out and enjoying participation in a variety of activities to keep fit and keep life interesting. He has done extensive research and continuing education around the hip and the shoulder and enjoys working with people that are struggling to move well and or have pain in these important joints. So if you are an overhead athlete (swimmer, olympic weight lifter, volley ball player, baseball player etc) or in a running and kicking sport come see him to understand how you can be performing at your best and reduce your risk of the most common injuries in your sport.